Embodied Emanations & Transmissions by: Kalista

Hello I’m Kalista, the creator of DAKINA. “Dakina” is a transdimentional field through which I embody multiple spectrums of the Sacred She- more specifically the primordial aspects of Dakini, Shakti, and Gaia Sophia. I also pulsate inter-dimensional transmissions through my body and art: exploring realms such as connections with higher dimensional Orb beings, Elvens, and starseeds lineages with the Pleiadians and 12D Dragons. Although I am influenced by ancient traditions, I am most passionate about what arises authentically, deep within the soul new, fresh and alive. This can be everything from sensuous, cosmic, shamanic, vulnerable, fierce, wild... infinite petals of manifestations. I use an alchemy of dance and multi-media to create embodied emanations and transmissions.


Primordial Beloved, Expression, and Enlightenment

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Of Embodied Arts

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Celebration of Sacred Feminine Expression


In Person or Online Sessions