Embodied Emanations & Transmissions

by Dakina{•}Kalista

Dakina is the primordial emanation of Kalista. She is an emanatrix of multiple spectrums of embodiments and transmissions. She is inspired by the Primordial aspects of the Sacred She such as Dakini, Shakti, and Prithvi; as well as transdimentional realms and visionary mythoi. Her artwork explores a mysticism of sensuality, the earth, and cosmos. Dakina uses an artistic alchemy of dance, film, costume, music, and creative video editing. The emanations arise from an exploratory inter-play, within a liminal space of absolute potential, that is simultaneously both other-worldly and rooted in the Earth; primordial and contemporary; deep and playful; archetypal and undefinable; embodied and ethereal; emotionally raw and transcendent. Learn More

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A stunning journey through the dimensions and heart of your being


Primordial Beloved, Expression, and Enlightenment

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Of Embodied Arts

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Personal Journey

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Celebration of Sacred Feminine Expression


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